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HMHS Britannic

€ 209
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HMHS Britannic
Artículo-ID: C062
Dimensiones: : 82 CM L x 11 CM W x 32 CM H
Escala: 1:329

The HMHS Britannic is entirely handmade piece by intiricate piece by skillfull and exprienced master craftsmen, using the plank on frame construction method. No kits are used.
This wooden model ship is build according to scale through orginal plans, pictures and drawings. They are also built according to the scale of the original full sized ships.
We only use the highest quality woods in constructing our museums quality model boats.
The following rare woods used to build our models were subjected to severe conditioning (put over fire & sun dried), to ensure your model will withstand any climate and thus, preventing the wood from becoming twisted or fractured:
Mahogany, Teak, Rose Wood, Black Wood, Cherry and Ebony.

Inside of the hull, we use a special glue that is imported just for this purpose. The glue makes the wood strips stay close together so that they will not split, crack or twist which can happen due to weather changes or humidity changes.

Railings, propeller, chains and other intricate details on this model steamboat are sculpted of metal.
All our models are carefully inspected for quality and accuracy numerous times before packaging.

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